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Through film, copy, animation and photography, we tell stories that aim to build stronger, deeper and longer lasting relationships between our clients and the people who matter to them most. It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that.

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A few of the principles that we apply to everything we do…


We keep our pencil sharp

we aren’t driven by budget templates or our bottom line, we prefer to work happily in the knowledge that we make more not by overpricing our stuff, but my helping our clients to sell more of theirs

Simple is

Simple is the hardest thing we do

It is so much easier to add more rather than less. Or to make a problem seem much more complicated than it is to find the best solutions are often the simplest ones, the ones that can solve even the trickiest challenges for the lowest cost but with the biggest impact it’s a simple and as complicated as that

Not different, just a little bit

not different

Not different, just a little bit

We were once told that the best way to succeed isn’t to be different, it’s to be just that little bit better. So that’s what we try to be, always. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we just want to help it turns me that faster and a little more effectively

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

not what you say

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

Put simply, most companies claim to be the best at what they do. But it means a whole lot more if you can prove it. So rather than telling customers how great your brand or product is why don’t you just show them

A partner, not a supplier

not what you say

A partner, not a supplier

We find that working in isolation rarely delivers the best outcomes, whereas collaboration, trust, and a bit of fun are the key components to creating outstanding work, together. That’s why we always aim to become a partner not a supplier

our leadership team

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Peter Edwards

Head of Creative

Peter has over 20 years experience in the broadcast sector, delivering programmes for BBC, ITV, C4, Five and Discovery. His brand clients include British Gas, WHSmith, RSPB, Wickes, BP, Health Foundation, iProspect,
Maxus, Arla and Nissan.

His pet hate is content that’s a triumph of style over substance, and he delights in surprising clients…

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Katie Strachan

Head of Production

Working closely with agencies and directly with brands, Katie is much loved and respected by clients. She challenges and pushes the production team to deliver strong creativity but always within the context of core objectives. Katie has produced content for some of the leading names in the retail, automotive, fashion, FMCG, telecoms and utilities sectors but also loves the challenge of working with new start-ups.

She has no time for ‘smoke and mirrors’ and really values honesty, simplicity and a lot of laughs.

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Dale Pendlebury

Digital Producer

Dale really does practice what he preaches. He has a deep understanding and appreciation of digital platforms and he personally posts digital content that has combined views of 20 million. He’s very, very skilled at creating cost effective concepts that really standout in heavily congested channels.

Dale takes his work very seriously, but thankfully, not himself.

AirPartner 1

Air partner

We couldn’t be happier with the value Ben & Harvey have brought to our business. As a trusted extension of our team, they’ve forged strong relationships with our stakeholders and partners and that’s helped them to deliver exceptional results, on each and every initiative.

Dan Cuomo
Vice President Marketing


Octopus Electrical Vehicles

Katie, Peter and the team at Ben & Harvey are my go-to for video production and animation. Having worked with them across numerous brands, I trust them implicitly to pick up a brief and deliver top quality work every single time. It helps that they’re also so down to Earth and great fun to work with!

Katie Johnson
Head of Marketing



It’s always a pleasure to work on a project with the Ben & Harvey team. A combination of experience, advice, creative flare and bringing specifically the right team for the job mean results are always exactly what we are after. I look forward to continuing to work with them for the foreseeable future.

Will Sherwood-King
Senior Marketing Manager

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